Go Cashless initiates crowdfunding appeal

Source: Go Cashless

Today is the launch of the crowdfunding appeal for Go Cashless

The Aims of the Go Cashless campaign are to -

Promote the growing number of new secure payment systems

Promote how cash is no longer needed

Promote how a cashless society could lead to a reduction in crime, reduce the black economy which could mean lower taxes for all in a better and fairer society.

Jon Levenson, Go Cashless Campaign Director says -

“If cash was invented today who would think it was a good idea? There are many new secure payment systems with more emerging, some will suit older people, charities and under privileged people. Children can now have bank accounts and e-pocket money. The cashless society has begun. London buses no longer take cash, Waitrose recently opened their first cashless store, Center Parcs are going cashless and more businesses will follow. No legislation is needed, just the willing cooperation from everyone to cease paying, trading and saving in cash.

Please support the campaign with crowdfunding and the kind and generous donations will be used to promote the campaign, improve the website and social media”.

Background Information

Jon Levenson spent sixteen years as a director of a leading UK infrastructure business with interests in ports, airports, property, retail and media.

Jon’s career was built with commerce, media and sales. He launched the UK’s first open loop gift card programme in 2005 and a credit card working with MBNA, Visa, and card processors.

This success led to Jon’s invitations as a guest speaker at banking conferences in Madrid, Milan, London and Brussels, becoming aware of the EU’s drive to lower the interchange rate for cards.

Banks resisted because they supported cash for free which is costly due to security, counting, replacement, counterfeiting and crime.

Jon considered how cash is the currency of the black economy and criminals for which honest people pay. He researched how the UK would benefit from a cashless society. The Go Cashless campaign was then founded.

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