Permira rolls out two-factor authentication with Duo

Source: Duo Security

Global investment firm Permira has rolled out Duo Security’s cloud-based two-factor authentication solution across its 14 sites for 200+ employees.

The firm has replaced its previous authentication solution with Duo to enable secure remote working whilst ensuring compliance standards are met.

“We are part of a heavily regulated environment which means we must comply with certain guidelines - of which two-factor authentication is one. However, we also like to demonstrate to our investors that we practice and apply the best, most stringent security across all our applications. That’s where Duo comes in,” said Carolyn Lees, director of IT at Permira.

Prior to implementing Duo, Permira was using an open source token and VPN client solution but wanted to move away from the provider as it was also managing the certificate authority, and therefore was not true two-factor authentication. Following initial testing and a Proof of Concept, Duo was rolled out across the company, with users able to set themselves up on the system and select their preferred method of authentication from Push notifications, SMS passcode or telephone call-back.

“The implementation phase was fairly seamless and Duo has eased congestion and demand on the IT team,” added Lees. “The fact the technology is cloud-based is a huge benefit for us as we don’t have to deal with the back-end infrastructure, and it means that our users can authenticate from anywhere in the world. We have a responsibility to make sure our network is secure and we now also specify that Duo is a requirement for any web applications we look at using for the business.”

Henry Seddon, VP EMEA for Duo Security comments: “We’re delighted Permira has chosen Duo for its secure, cloud-based two-factor authentication. Cybercrime is one of the most disruptive threats to the financial industry but Permira has proactively sought a solution which will protect their data and that of their clients, particularly in this era of compliance and regulation.”

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