Monzo launches temperamental Siri payments feature

Source: Monzo

With Monzo, you can now send money to your friends and family using just your voice! With the new update (version 1.7) we just released, Monzo now integrates with Siri on iOS 10 to make sending and receiving money even easier.

Once you’ve authorised Siri to access your Monzo data, there are a variety of commands you can use to send money to your contacts already on Monzo. Siri can be a bit temperamental at the moment because this functionality is so new, so we’ve found statements like these work best:

Sending more than £10

This is normally the most reliable and the best phrase to use here is “Send fifteen pounds to Bailey”

Sending less than £10

Siri gets a little confused when the amount is less than £10, and often attempts to send a message not a payment. There are a couple of approaches that normally get around this:

“Send five great british pounds to Bailey using Monzo”
“Send five pounds sterling to Bailey using Monzo”
Sending less than £1

Siri doesn’t seem to like pence, or pennies - so we’ve found something like this usually works:

“Send zero point zero one pounds to Bailey using Monzo”

You might also need to first send money in the app so we can register your Touch ID token, and ensure you’ve given Monzo access to your contacts.
Travel Reports

We’ve also turned on travel reports for everyone so if you’ve got a trip coming up soon, you’re in for a treat!

We’re already thinking about more exciting ways we can use Siri to improve your experience using Monzo. Join the discussion on our forum and tell us what you think we should build next.

And lastly, if you’re on Android and you’re thinking “Siri, really?”, stay tuned. We’re coming to you very, very soon…

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