Code of conduct for indirect access to UK payment systems updated

Source: Payments UK

An updated voluntary Code of Conduct for Indirect Access Providers (IAPs) has been published today following a consultation with stakeholders.

The principal aim of the Code is to improve the experience of Indirect Payment Service Providers (Indirect PSPs) by clearly setting out the responsibilities of IAPs that subscribe to the Code. The original Code (published in September 2015) was developed by Payments UK on behalf of the industry, working with the four current subscribing IAPs - Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS - and in consultation with the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR).

The enhanced version of the Code follows a formal consultation process with stakeholders including IAPs and Indirect PSPs. Payments UK, in its role as Code Administrator, continued its work with the current subscribing IAPs - and in consultation with the PSR - to agree changes to the Code in light of the consultation responses. The updated Code reflects the main themes emerging from consultation feedback: specifically, to provide greater clarity, revisions to the introduction, terminology used, and on the scope and purpose of the Code. Since the Code’s launch last year, subscribing IAPs have taken steps to demonstrate alignment with the Code commitments. Following the introduction of the revised Code, they are committed to adhering to its standards of best practice.

The Code Administrator will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the Code through compliance monitoring, and engaging with stakeholders and the PSR. This monitoring will include seeking feedback from interested stakeholders via a new Code Consultative Group. More information on this Group will be made available on the Access to Payment website over the coming months. As the payments industry evolves, more IAPs are likely to become Code subscribers.

Tim Yudin, Director of Design and Delivery at Payments UK, said:

“This Code is important to support the increasing number of payment service providers that rely on indirect access to the UK’s main payment systems. We are confident that Code subscribers will continue to deliver services to the standards of best practice stated in the Code and Payments UK, as the Code Administrator, will continue to monitor its effectiveness.”

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