Android Pay comes to TSB

Source: TSB

Android Pay is now available to TSB’s debit and credit card customers, providing them a fast, simple and secure way to make payments via their Android device.

Making payments via mobile allows people to shop how they want and builds on the rise in popularity1 of contactless transactions. On average, TSB processes around 200,000 contactless purchases a day2, with customers frequently using the payment method at supermarkets, coffee shops and food outlets.

Plusness – 5% cash-back on Android Pay purchases

TSB is also offering customers using Android Pay a little plusness. With TSB’s Classic Plus bank account and MasterCard credit card, customers can earn 5% cash-back on the first £100 of contactless purchases, which includes Android Pay, each month – for a limited period of time3.

Simple and secure

Android Pay gives customers the choice to make purchases using a compatible4 Android TM device, whether that’s at the shops or in participating apps.

Customers simply download the Android Pay app, link it to their TSB account, and start paying for things using Android Pay rather than cash or card.

To make payments using Android Pay in shops:
1. Simply look for either of these two symbols:
2. Wake up the Android device.
3. Place the device near the contactless terminal.

There’s no need to open an app – it really is easy and simple.

Android Pay is also secure because card numbers aren’t stored on the device or passed to merchants. Instead the retailer receives a newly-generated, 16-digit virtual account number.

Jatin Patel, Director of Products, TSB, said: "Now that Android Pay is available to TSB customers, it means that they can benefit from this secure and convenient way to make purchases should they so choose. We believe customers should be able to bank how, when and where they want – what we call ‘Local Banking on Demand’ – and the launch of Android Pay at TSB further supports this.

“Our customers have enjoyed the added plusness they receive through our 5% cash-back offer on contactless purchases and now they can enjoy this through Android Pay, as well as Apple Pay.” 

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