Yandex browser uses AI to secure online banking

Source: Yandex

Yandex, a leading mobile and internet search provider, has introduced a new, enhanced protection against data theft for Yandex Browser users.

The browser’s built-in comprehensive internet security technology, Protect, will detect if a website is unsafe and will immediately warn internet users about the risks of entering bank card information.

Yandex Browser automatically assesses the safety of a website the moment the internet user enters information similar to that of a bank card number. Yandex will immediately issue a warning to the user about the danger to prevent the malicious website from stealing the user’s bank or card details. The browser utlises Yandex’s pioneering machine learning algorithm to trawl through millions of safe and malicious pages and learns to tell them apart in order to warn the user about a fraudulent website. The algorithm takes into consideration hundreds of factors, including the authenticity of a website’s security certificate and when the website was created, before assessing the authenticity of the bank’s URL address.

For additional peace of mind users can manually discover the exact details of any third party payment system which might support a website by simply clicking a button in the browser.

Victor Karpov, Head of Security at Yandex Browser, said: “Bank card protection is the most recent step in Yandex’s continued efforts to make the internet as safe a place for its users as possible. Global ecommerce is expected to reach around $1,506 billion by 2018, and as the role and influence of ecommerce evolves, big steps need to be taken to ensure that online users around the world can shop online with confidence. We believe that machine learning marks a huge step forward in the fight against personal data theft, and the distribution of malicious code. Our goal is to use the power of artificial intelligence to give ordinary web users peace of mind about the authenticity of a website where they’re disclosing bank details.”

For additional security Yandex Browser automatically switches to protected mode, which uses more stringent requirements for SSL certificates and disables all extensions to safe-guard personal data as soon as a user logs into any online banking website.

In addition to enhanced shopping and banking security, Yandex Browser offers built-in automatic antivirus and malware software, data protection on public WiFi networks, password theft prevention, and warns users about signing up to unwanted subscriptions. 

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