OTC Global Holdings revamps EOXLive Active Markets trading platform

Source: OTC Global Holdings

OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), the leading independent commodities interdealer broker, today announced significant updates to EOXLive Active Markets, the company’s proprietary voice/electronic trading platform.

In addition to the platform’s unmatched liquidity and unique market data information, EOXLive now provides traders and risk managers with:

• Instant access via a web-based platform to ensure there are no restrictions from in-house software or lengthy platform installations while at the same time offering an intuitive point and click interface for fast order entry and trade execution;
• A dynamic, customizable interface that allows users to mold and shape their screens for ease-of-use and relevancy;
• Free embedded option pricing and analytics grids, including a European Style Options Pricer, which allows users to toggle between option prices and delta values for both outrights and spreads, a Volatility Surface Viewer that leverages EOXLive’s market data warehouse and comes with built-in data quality control to ensure all zero premium, expired contracts and bad ticks are filtered out, and a Market Activity Heat Map that lets users track the latest market activity and trends from an entire market down to a single contract as well as see the time and sales details for all traded tenors and strategies in an easy-to-understand graphical representation of the money put and call options; and
• A robust Markets Page that offers a consolidated view of current bids/offers across brokers, traders and market makers, expandable full depth of market views for transparency beyond the best bid and offer, customized filtering options, and pop-up trade confirmations and executions.

“EOXLive was created in recognition of the increasing role of electronic brokering and is yet another example of how OTC Global Holdings is not just content to adapt to the challenges today and tomorrow’s market present but instead turns a potential disadvantage into opportunity,” said Javier Loya, chairman and CEO of OTCGH. “Today’s ever-changing market demands trading tools that enable increased transparency, intelligence and execution. EOXLive’s enhanced offerings provide the additional resources traders and risk managers need to succeed.”

The bespoke updates complement EOXLive’s existing offering, which leverages OTCGH’s nearly 20 independent portfolio companies’ combined position as a leading liquidity provider on CME, ICE, NYMEX and NASDAQ. The current offering includes instant access to natural gas options, while future enhancements to the platform will include expansion into the company’s full set of commodities markets, including natural gas, power, petrochemicals, crude, refined products, metals, agricultural, weather and emission derivatives markets.  

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