Zeta upgrades one-tap payments

Source: Zeta

Tax optimiser start-up Zeta recently enabled thousands of office-goers to pay their cafeteria merchants with nothing more than a tap, and in all of 2 seconds.

They didn’t even need cash or debit cards. In fact, they could make their payment with their pens or ID cards or even their keychains.

Zeta is calling this avante-garde payment mode the Zeta Super Tag. The product has already been rolled out in select corporations and will soon be available to wider audiences.

The Zeta Super Tag is a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled tag that a user can stick on any object or device that they own and carry with ease. The Super Tag is synched to a Zeta user’s account. Through this account, employees can access tax benefits like meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, gift vouchers, fuel reimbursement allowance among others.

All the user has to do is tap their Super Tag on the NFC reader at a cash counter, and the money is debited from their account and credited to the merchant’s instantaneously. But the most impressive feature of the Zeta Super Tag has to be that it is smart enough to know what the money is being spent on. Pay for food at a restaurant, and it debits money from the meal balance. Buy medicines, and it debits money from the medical balance.

Though still in its early days, corporates are already favouring the Zeta Super Tag way of making payments. Zeta’s employee benefits portfolio is mainly focused on companies looking to provide a better user experience to their workforce.

With the initial response being encouraging, the company is looking to bolster its efforts to make payments easier, faster and safer.

Being a financial app company, Zeta has always prioritised security at the highest level. The security and safeguards in the back end of the Zeta Super Tag system are designed to be more robust and tighter than even your typical bank debit card.

Even if the user loses the Super Tag, all they need to do is simply block it through the Zeta app. For the user, this is security available at their fingertips.

Currently, employees from various companies are using their Zeta Super Tags to make payments at their office cafeterias and food courts. Zeta is in the process of expanding reach to a larger network of merchants.

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