Wirecard and Future Finance bring new student loans model to German market

Source: Wirecard

Wirecard and Future Finance, an Ireland-based financial technology company, today announce the launch of a new student financing model to the German market.

Under the Future Finance brand the company provides loans of between 1,000 and 40,000 Euros to undergraduate and postgraduate students for help with tuition fees and living expenses. Wirecard Bank, as a full subsidiary of Wirecard AG, has partnered with Future Finance to provide the business with its banking license in Germany and to assume the account management.

Future Finance was started to close the gap between state funding and the everyday financial needs of students throughout Europe in a way that is fair, flexible and transparent. The company is now in its third year of operations in the UK where it has more than 4,000 customers from over 150 universities, and has loaned in excess of £30 million. Germany is Europe’s largest education market, with a vast array of great educational institutions. With this market entry, 2.9 million more European university students now have access to Future Finance’s unique loan model.

“We are very proud to expand the successful Future Finance brand together with Wirecard into Germany,” said Brian Norton, founder and CEO of Future Finance. “We’re excited to help students in Germany afford the education they deserve and to support them financially as they strive to achieve their career goals and life ambitions. In Wirecard we have found a reliable partner, one that understands the requirements and demands of a fast-moving, customer-focused fintech business. Our ambition is to jointly revolutionize the market for student loans in Germany.”

Students benefit from flexible repayment features, such as lower, capped repayments during study – which also helps them chip away at their loan from day one and build a credit history. They also receive competitive interest rates and a loan repayment plan tailored to their future earning potential.

“We are pleased about the collaboration with Future Finance for the launch in Germany”, said Alexander von Knoop, Executive Board Member at Wirecard Bank. “As an internet technology company with its own bank, we are proud to offer innovative solution and banking services to companies like Future Finance that have cutting-edge solutions and are paving the way towards the future of financial services in Europe.”


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