WesBanco Bank chooses CPI Card Group for instant card issuance

Source: CPI Card Group

WesBanco Bank, Inc., a subsidiary of WesBanco, Inc. (WSBC), today announced it has deployed CPI Card Group’s Card@Once solution through technology partner Harland Clarke to enable instant issuance of EMV® debit cards across all of WesBanco’s 141 branches.

With the instant issuance solution, WesBanco customers will now receive new EMV secure debit cards in seconds at local branch locations.

“We’ve earned our reputation through a strong commitment to providing customers with the very highest level of service, and instant issuance is a natural extension,” said Jason Plotner, Vice President and Electronic Banking Manager for WesBanco. “Card@Once® is one of the most innovative technologies that we have ever introduced, from the smooth implementation process to the customer response and satisfaction. It’s simple, secure and delivers an unparalleled level of convenience to our customers.”

Beyond providing convenience, the solution yields cards containing an EMV chip, which provides increased security by dynamically generating card information at point of purchase—rendering that data useless if ever compromised. The Card@Once deployment represents a successful collaboration among WesBanco, Harland Clarke and CPI Card Group.

“In an on-demand world, instant issuance has become an important brand differentiator for financial institutions by providing a meaningful, efficient customer experience and building loyalty,” said Dan Singleton, President and CEO, Harland Clarke. “It often takes 7-10 business days for a new card to arrive in the mail. Card@Once® — which can put a fully functioning, secure and permanent card in a customer’s hand in less than a minute — is a fantastic solution to meet WesBanco’s needs of staying competitive in the market and building their card portfolio profitability, while providing world-class service to its customers.”

When a WesBanco customer requests a new or replacement card, the Card@Once® solution allows the data to be securely transferred from the branch location to CPI Card Group, which processes it into an encrypted file and returns the data electronically. Card@Once® then encodes the data onto the chip and prints the card, delivering a personalized, ready-to-use card within seconds. In addition to seamless interoperability with the bank’s internal systems and user-friendly nature of the technology, the ability to print EMV debit cards was a deciding factor in WesBanco’s selection of Card@Once®.

“Thanks to accelerated market adoption and awareness, the role of instant issuance has evolved from that of an emerging technology to an expected convenience, while also reducing operational costs and increasing revenue,” said Tom Knaus, Vice President and General Manager of Financial Card Operations of CPI Card Group Nashville. “Implementing Card@Once® reinforces WesBanco’s mission to maximize customer service at new account opening or emergency card replacement. It also illustrates their commitment to security; the service is a new channel through which chip cards can be delivered quickly and without incurring higher costs associated with mass portfolio replacement.” 

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