Mizuho experiments with Facebook Bot anmd Amazon Echo

Source: Nomura Research Institute

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. has conducted two experiments of new financial communication services through Facebook bot and new banking services with an Alexa skill prototype for Amazon Echo in Silicon Valley, collaborating with Information Services International-Dentsu,Ltd.

CUI (Conversational User Interface) is drawing the most attention for next generation internet platform as the next way of channel/communication to provide financial information and services using AI and chat. CUI is also focused as new internet infrastructure after WEB and Apps.

Regarding these Trial, Mizuho, NRI and ISI-Dentsu of America,Inc. developed prototypes. We worked in close collaboration with AppSocially(Pioneer Corporation of CUI based in U.S. offering Chat Center iO), 500Startups(Venture Capital, investing more than 1,500 Startups in over 50 countries) and WiL(Venture Capital, promoting the collaboration between Startups and large Corporations).

Mizuho, ISID, NRI have been pursuing to provide the No.1 Convenience for our customers such as producing new innovative services through smart device, tablet and wearable etc. including channel ([Mizuho Messenger] etc.). We will continue to accelerate these future actions.

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