Payza partners NRGT on Indian online payments

Source: Payza

Payza, a leading global payment platform, announced today that is has partnered with New RAMPgreen Technologies (NRGT) of India to bring convenient local online payments to Payza India users.

In addition to sending and receiving international payments in virtually any currency, Payza India members can now transact in Indian rupees, their local currency, directly with their Payza accounts.

“We’re excited to be working with NRGT to deliver even more convenience to our Indian members,” said Firoz Patel, Payza’s global executive vice president. “The key to successfully entering a new market is to collaborate with a domestic partner that can make a convenient and affordable service more relevant to the daily lives of users in a specific region. When we first launched Payza in India, we focused on the initial stage of bringing the world of international payments to Indian freelancers.

Our second stage of development is to bolster the local economy by giving the average Indian resident an easy way to spend the money they've earned. But we needed the right partner that understood the challenges, preferences and needs of the market. And we’ve found that with New RAMPgreen Technologies. Indian businesses, freelancers and personal users can now hold rupees in their Payza accounts to shop online, pay bills, and send money to family and friends in India. With NRGT we are able to offer Indians a way to get on with their daily lives without wasting added time and money on the extra hoops they have been used to jumping through to access their money in Indian online.”

Payza, through its online secure payment platform, allows consumers to instantly send funds, receive funds, and make payments. Merchants and businesses can take advantage of features such as Mass Pay for corporate disbursements, Split Payments for e-commerce, Email Invoices and Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs).

“Payza has one of the largest merchant and consumer user bases in the world,” said Sunil Soi, CEO of NRGT. “And India is one of the largest, if not the largest, group of IT, marketing and support freelancers. With Payza India, Indians will be able to benefit from the global versatility, support and security of the Payza global platform, while experiencing a payment service that understands what it is to be living and working in India. NRGT is thrilled to be involved in delivering a payment solution tailored to the needs of Indians, and honored to be Payza’s ‘boots on the ground’ in India.” 

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