Scalable Capital launches in the UK

Source: Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital, the European digital investment manager, is now fully live in the UK market.

The company has completed the onboarding of clients from its UK waiting list, and is now open to the general public. Currently managing client money in the UK, Germany and Austria, the firm is well positioned to continue its rapid growth across Europe.
The announcement follows a successful period for Scalable Capital, despite unprecedented volatility in global markets. The company’s technology-driven investment strategy dynamically allocates each investor’s portfolio according to a quantitative measure of their risk appetite, an approach which helps clients to avoid excess risk without sacrificing potential returns by keeping them invested in the market.

“The UK launch is a key milestone as we look to continue the strong growth of our business across Europe. We are already one of the fastest growing digital investment managers in Europe and currently manage more than 1,200 client portfolios,”

Commented Adam French, Managing Director and co-Founder at Scalable Capital. “Our technology-driven investment management service fills a vital need for retail investors: by putting risk management at the centre of our offering we aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns while keeping clients invested in the markets during periods of market volatility. We’ve received very positive feedback from clients in all countries following Brexit, as they saw this period as a litmus test for our risk management technology and are now confident to shift more assets into their accounts with us.”

“The initial response from UK clients has been overwhelmingly positive,” added Dr. Ella Rabener, CMO and UK co-Founder at Scalable Capital. “UK retail investors don’t just want a smooth online experience – they want an innovative investment service that offers a data-driven and more individually tailored approach to investing. That is what Scalable Capital provides.”

In March, Scalable Capital announced the signing of a Series-A funding round of £5.6 million, taking its total funding to £8.8 million. The new capital is being deployed to build out Scalable Capital’s UK client base, as well as to fund selective expansion into new markets.

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