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Source: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide (ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, today announced the results of its new Thai Commerce & Payment Study.

The survey asked approximately 300 technologists about their shopping habits and payment preferences for in-store, online and mobile transactions in Thailand, where eCommerce sales are expected to be valued at 800 billion Baht in 2021.

The study, conducted with DataOne Asia (Thailand), Co., Ltd., also explored usage of cross-border and person-to-person (P2P) payments, highlighting the opportunity to replace cash transactions with alternative payments.

Principle findings of the survey included:

  • Fraud is Pervasive: 32 percent of respondents have experienced personal payment fraud within the last 12 months. ATMs, eCommerce and mCommerce were the three primary sources of fraud.
  • Lack of Trust in mCommerce: While 50 percent of all respondents strongly agree that banks will keep their transactions and data safe, only 17 percent and 12 percent believe their payment credentials are protected from fraud when using mCommerce and eCommerce.
  • Millennial Shopping Habits: 32 percent of Millennials made a cross-border payment within the last month, while less than 25 percent of Gen X’ers did so.
  • Alternative Payments are the Future: More than 40 percent of those who shop online and from their phone prefer to use alternative payments such as e-wallets, cash on delivery and PayPal. Approximately 10 percent of credit and debit card users are expecting to use their cards less (both online and over the phone) in the next 12 months.
  • Cash is King, but for how Long?: Cash is marginally the preference for P2P payments today. However, 49 percent of P2P payments are made using an electronic payment method, and the use of cash is expected to decline.

“The Thai respondents’ answers provide a directional market view into the future of commerce and payments,” said Leslie Choo, general manager and vice president, North Asia & Asean, ACI Worldwide. “The survey highlights that there is a lack of trust in merchants and eCommerce, which makes it imperative that merchants provide secure payments options for their clients. 40 percent surveyed are using alternative payments methods today, so it is essential that merchants offer more than card based payments.”

“Banking and commerce is rapidly changing across the globe and Thailand is no different. Consumers are shopping on multiple channels and demanding to pay with new payment methods” said Adisorn Kaewbucha, CEO, DataOne Asia (Thailand) Co. Ltd. “The digitization of payments to merchants and to peers presents an opportunity to reduce friction and costs. As both local and cross-border eCommerce continues to grow, payment service provides, merchants and consumers will demand solutions that are simple, global and secure.” 

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