WePay launches in the UK

Source: WePay

WePay, the leading provider of payments-as-a-service for online platforms including crowdfunding and business software platforms like GoFundMe, FreshBooks, and Constant Contact, today announced its expansion into the United Kingdom.

This means platforms can now serve U.K. users with the same fully-integrated, white label payments services they enjoy from WePay in the U.S. and Canada. WePay has also extended its best-in-class fraud risk protections, compliance and support offerings to new U.K. business.

"Going international has traditionally been a frustrating process for companies that offer payments," said Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay. "By partnering with WePay, platforms can now integrate once and immediately offer the same level of payments service on both sides of the Atlantic, safely and seamlessly."

To support this expansion as well as the company's rapid growth in North America, WePay has opened new offices in London and Providence, Rhode Island. The London office will focus on business development abroad and the Providence office will deliver customer support during U.K. and U.S. business hours.

"WePay was the natural choice when we decided to launch Infusionsoft Payments in the U.K. We knew WePay would do a great job supporting one of our largest international markets because of our strong partnership in North America," said Terry Hicks, chief product officer, Infusionsoft.

Shared language and business practices make the U.K. the first overseas destination for many North American platforms looking to expand internationally. The U.K. market also boasts the world's highest per capita e-commerce spend, contributing to its status as the world's third largest e-commerce market, after the U.S. and China.

To enter the U.K. market, WePay worked closely with myriad U.K. and E.U. regulators, banking partners, and the credit card associations to ensure a robust European payments infrastructure.

Recent "Brexit" developments do not have bearing on WePay's commitment or ability to support platform payments in the U.K. 

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