ACAPM launches new compliance tool in response to financial benchmark regulation

Source: ACAPM

Financial Benchmarks Specialist Advisory firm, Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) announced the release of advanced Financial Benchmark Compliance tools which enable banks to comply and adopt strategic financial benchmark regulatory programs - Evolution of Libor, Euribor and European Benchmark Regulations with ease.

Financial Benchmark rates are considered as one of most crucial rates driving financial transactions worth trillions of dollars. ICE LIBOR alone, for example, accounts for an estimated $350 trillion. Comprehensive reform programs have been initiated by regulators and administrators of benchmarks across world financial markets to enhance the robustness and reliability of such crucial benchmarks. In the light of this tighter regulatory regime, there is heightened responsibility for the banks to ensure a transparent and resilient framework for determination and submission of the benchmarks.

The Financial Benchmark Compliance Tools released by ACAPM are designed precisely to ensure implementation of a robust and progressive framework. The key objective is to enable banks to gain strategic advantage by providing fundamental value across the regulatory compliance lifecycle through combination of specialised expertise and focussed solutions.

“At ACAPM, we are aware of the volume and criticality of the requirements that banks need to comply across multiple benchmarks. With an in-depth understanding of the benchmark regulations and proven expertise, we are committed to providing comprehensive and easy-to-adopt solutions to empower banks to achieve the regulatory compliance,” said Cornelius Nandyal, Partner at ACAPM. “Introduction of the benchmark toolkit will enable determination and submission of key benchmark rates according to the latest regulatory prerequisites such as waterfall methodology based on current transactions, historic transactions and expert judgement.”

Through valuable insights into direct and implied regulatory requirements, advanced business logic validation models and visual analytic tools coupled with ACAPM’s unique domain expertise, banks will be poised to accomplish accelerated and complete compliance in the financial benchmark arena.

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