Artemis selects behavioural analytics software for compliance from Sybenetix

Source: Sybenetix

Leading UK-based fund manager Artemis has agreed a multi-year deal for Sybenetix’s end-to-end market abuse surveillance, case management and conduct management system.

The system is designed specifically for the buy-side to deliver greater competitiveness and transparency in meeting new regulatory requirements.

Sybenetix Compass uses behavioural algorithms to analyse exactly how investment professionals make decisions, using multiple sources of data to build unique behavioural profiles. These are used to identify abnormal behaviour with a high degree of accuracy in the context of suspicious activity. The system provides smarter, faster detection and investigation of potential misconduct. It saves time and money for compliance - while improving engagement with the front office and supporting investment performance.

With Sybenetix Compass, Chief Compliance Officers can ensure effective three-line defence, conduct risk metrics and regulator integrity. The system brings significantly reduced cost and more self-reporting between the front and back office.

Artemis’ selection of Sybenetix Compass follows its use of Sybenetix’s behavioural analytics to measure and improve the decision-making skills of investment managers. “We’ve been working with Sybenetix for many years to understand how to improve investment decision making. It makes sense to use the same behavioural software to help us meet new regulatory requirements,” said Peter Saacke, CIO at Artemis. “We’re looking for genuine innovation that helps reduce the growing cost of compliance, but also generates value from the additional data we’re managing. Using Sybenetix to improve surveillance, manage conduct and improve performance gives us a competitive advantage and supports our philosophy of transparency.”

Sybenetix Compass is scalable to meet new regulatory requirements, including market abuse regulation and the global regulatory focus on individual liability and accountability. “We’re very pleased to be building on our years of work with Artemis,” said Taras Chaban, CEO of Sybenetix. “The investment management industry faces a marked increase in regulation at a time of growing competitive pressure. The good news is that the buy-side has avoided expensive legacy systems which are proven to be ineffective. There is a now a much needed opportunity to implement next-generation analytics designed for and with the buy-side.”

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