Actiance addresses compliance challenges with using Instagram as business platform

Source: Actiance

Actiance, the leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, today announced enhanced Actiance Socialite support for Instagram, ensuring that firms using the online image sharing app as an enterprise communications tool meet financial regulations including MiFID II.

Now organizations using Instagram to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and communicate with employees can monitor, archive, and generate analytics for Instagram posts, images, and comments. Actiance Socialite enables companies to capture social media posts in context and retain data, including the images, for instant search and retrieval.

While best known as a consumer to consumer app, businesses are increasingly adopting Instagram within the enterprise as a tool for building brand awareness and connecting with prospects and customers. Half of all Instagram users follow a brand and 60 percent of users learn about products and services via the mobile application. As a result, Instagram recently announced a suite of new tools for businesses to meet their unique needs. Since Instagram posts could be classed as advertisements and exchanged comments as business records, firms adopting it and other social networks must ensure that these channels are visible.

Similar to traditional channels like email, failure to follow good governance and compliance regulations on social media, can lead to injunctions, fines, and costly lawsuits. Actiance Socialite creates and downloads Instagram images and comments for preservation so companies can provide proof of supervision in the event of audits, monitor Instagram activity for governance and policy enforcement, and create analytics using captured Instagram activities.

“Forward-thinking companies are increasingly using Instagram and other social channels to connect with digital audiences. Yet as they do so, they must remain compliant with data preservation and social media endorsement regulations,” said Joanna Belbey, Social Media and Compliance Specialist, Actiance. “Actiance Socialite makes it easy for companies to support new channels, such as Instagram, as they enter the enterprise and make the most of their communications data for both regulatory and business purposes.”

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