Moneris adds new tools for developers

Source: Moneris Solutions Corporation

Moneris Solutions Corporation ("Moneris"), one of North America's leading credit and debit card processors, introduced new and improved resources for eCommerce and mobile application developers seeking payment integration tools.

The Moneris Developer Portal provides easy access to information and tools businesses need to add payment capabilities to their applications.

The Moneris Developer Portal complements Moneris Gateway, a payment processing platform that allows businesses to securely complete transactions. The improved Developer Portal offers easier access to information, full search capabilities, interactive knowledgebase and regular blogs. Existing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) have been improved to support payments from across North America and a new Software Development Kit (SDK) offers more flexibility to developers when integrating in-app payments.

"As more businesses move online and into mobile applications, payment integration has to be made easier for developers. Our goal with the Moneris Developer Portal is to provide effective tools and resources that make their work easier," said Rob Cameron , Chief Product Officer at Moneris. "Giving developers flexibility in how they can add payments to their applications means they can get solutions to market faster to meet their customer needs."

With the redesign of the Developer Portal, Moneris now supports in-app payments by offering API and SDK information for Apple Pay integration. This type of payment support is critical to companies like Tacit Innovations, the creators of maegan™, a mobile ordering platform designed for restaurants and other hospitality venues. Using the tools within the Moneris Developer Portal, maegan is able to integrate into point-of-sale (POS), Payment and Loyalty solutions for seamless operation.

"Developing a custom restaurant solution that improves the customer experience while making it easy for operators means it has to cover all aspects of their encounter with a business, including payments," said Cris Jucan , CEO of Tacit Innovations. "Moneris is the biggest processors in the country and used by many of our customers, so being able to easily integrate payments through their gateway was critical to maegan's success. The Developer Portal gave us the right tools and resources to add these capabilities in our app and we're excited to start using new tools like their SDK for in-app payments."

The redesign of the Moneris Developer Portal goes beyond the portal itself. As one of the most trusted brands in payments in Canada , Moneris is committed to delivering tools and resources for businesses and developers in a convenient and effective manner. As part of the update, APIs and the SDK are now available on GitHub, making access to critical development tools more open and easier to find. Additional improvements include:

Interactive knowledge base where the developer community can collaborate on solutions with input from Moneris technical resources
Updated APIs that offer unified payment integration for North American-focused payment acceptance and improved shopping cart plug-in instructions
Support of Apple Pay in-app payments with more payment options to be included as they are introduced to market
Developer Portal blog offering tips and advice on new features and how best to take advantage of them
Personalized user experience that delivers API information in preferred programming languages, country preference and more
Individual testing environments where developers can leverage reporting to track test transactions

In addition to these enhancements, Moneris will host events such as training boot camps for developers focusing on best practices for payment integration, fraud prevention and more.  

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