Nexa Technologies expands TSX historical data in Tick Equity Database

Source: Nexa Technologies

Nexa Technologies' Tick Data Group, provider of value-added historical intraday financial data, today announced the addition of three years of ready-to-use historical Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) data to their Tick Equity Database.

The additional data allows traders to test on a more extensive range of market conditions helping them better define their trade algorithms and potentially make more accurate predictions. The TSX database previously included cleaned and filtered trade and quote data from January 1, 2001, but now the database begins January 1, 1998.

Tick Data's Tick Equity Database was launched in April, 2004 for investment professionals who require research-ready historical intraday equity data to design, test, and validate trading strategies and order execution systems. TSX data was first included in the Tick Equity Database in June, 2005 as a result of an agreement between Nexa and TSX Datalinx, the market data operation of TSX Group.

"Trading with high frequency data requires accurate trading models and very precise market predictions," said Eric Sinclair, Senior Vice-President, TSX Datalinx. "Nexa's three additional years of historical data give traders access to a greater history so they can take multiple market conditions such as changes in volatility, trade volume and sideways markets into account. This expanded content will provide for more comprehensive trade analysis."

"Many of our clients trade on TSX," said Neal Falkenberry, SVP of Nexa's Tick Data Group. "The ability to examine more variations in the market means you can make faster, more informed decisions when taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities or trading dual-listed stocks. Even more of these opportunities become possible when you have access to accurate and extensive historical data."

Tick Data combines software-based analytics and human analysis to ensure its data sets are truly ready-to-use. The proprietary, multi-step process includes the following key components: Ticker Mapping; Condition Code Filtering; Price Filtering; Data Validation; Custom Symbol Sets and File Configurations and, a Survivor Bias Free Database.

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