IMM upgrades eLoan services suite

Source: IMM

Today, IMM, a provider of eTransaction automation solutions for the modern business enterprise, introduced enhancements to its suite of hosted eLoan services.

 These additions further enable financial institutions to streamline and digitize their loan acquisition and loan adjustment strategies.

IMM’s easyReset and easyLead let banks and credit unions deploy a self-service online experience to engage qualified borrowers, allowing them to make personal financial choices in the privacy and comfort of their home or from any Internet connection.

easyReset simplifies the loan adjustment process for both consumers and institutions, allowing borrowers to explore available loan modification or refinance options in real time. Borrowers can view a variety of available loan terms and choose what best fits their personal situation, with the end goal being the reduction of the loan’s monthly payment amount. The institution benefits from streamlined online processes for loan adjustments coupled with increased loan retention. easyReset has historically been capable of processing auto loans; but today can now support personal loans and adjustable rate mortgages, as well as more complex loans that contain credit insurance protection.

easyLead is a loan acquisition tool that allows consumers to interact with an online dashboard to evaluate various loan options offered by the financial institution. Once desired loan terms are selected by the consumer, the new loan information is routed to the loan origination department for immediate follow-up and engagement.

“With these latest enhancements, IMM is continuing to focus on delivering efficiencies that allow for an increase in productivity without adding resources,” said Philip Elwyn, Director of Client Success at IMM. “Today’s consumers want choices. They want to be able to review financial options from the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to take time out of their own busy day to visit a branch. We reinvest in our technology to ensure we keep stride with the constantly moving industry, and the evolving needs of both borrowers and lenders.”

IMM introduced its eLoan services last fall as an extension of the company’s eSignature technology. IMM’s eSignature solutions have a proven track record at many banks and credit unions for creating efficiency and convenience around the lending process. Its eLoan service offerings are meant to relieve processes that once seemed burdensome and confusing, making them now simple and convenient while providing much needed services to consumers.

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