Swift daily messaging volumes exceed 30 million mark

Source: Swift

The end of June peak in Payments traffic, combined with the ongoing Brexit-related surge in Securities and Treasury traffic, triggered two successive FIN traffic peak days on Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th June 2016.

On Tuesday 28th June, 28,305,037 million messages were sent over the SWIFT network. Subsequently, SWIFT daily volumes exceeded the 30 million message mark on Thursday 30th June, when 30,392,943 messages were sent over the network. The 7.4% growth in volumes between the two peak days, representing more than 2 million messages, is the biggest increase ever recorded between two peak days. New records were set in both Payments traffic (14.9 million messages) and Securities traffic (13.8 million messages), as well as in all three regions.

The new peaks come four years after SWIFT crossed the 20 million message threshold at the end of June 2012, and brings the monthly FIN traffic growth rate to 8.6% and year-to-date FIN traffic growth to 5.7%.

SWIFT also recorded strong performance for both InterAct traffic (monthly growth of 55% and year-to-date growth of 41%) and FileAct traffic (monthly growth of 26% and year-to-date growth of 27%).

Marcel Bronmans, SWIFT’s Chief Operations Officer, said: “We put special monitoring measures in place to oversee our systems and traffic volumes during the period. The performance during the period demonstrated our ability to anticipate capacity requirements and evidenced the resiliency of our systems, design and implementation. We are committed to our objective of ensuring that our systems work securely and reliably every day, and as agreed by SWIFT’s Board, will make ongoing investments in our systems and processes to make sure we can continue to meet future capacity and security requirements.”

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