Mondo seeks out 'Campus Insiders' for university push

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Over the last few months more and more students have been finding out about Mondo and joining our Beta. We’ve already identified over 1,500 students on our list.

Now that we’re looking forward to rolling out more Beta cards over the next six months, we want to start spreading the word about Mondo across university campuses. We want to give as many students cards as possible, and to do that we need your help.
We Need You!

As of today, we’re looking for students across the UK to become Mondo Campus Insiders.

Why Campus Insiders? Every university is different, and we want to take the same approach to every campus community as we’ve taken to our community of Alphas and Betas. We want to be super helpful, easy to deal with, and to continue gathering vital feedback even as we grow.

Our Insiders will be our eyes on the ground, distributing cards and reporting back to us on the best deals, discounts and events on campus. They’ll help us identify opportunities for spreading the word, and will be the point person for when fellow students have questions or feedback.

They’ll also be Insiders when it comes to all things Mondo. An important part of our growing, close-knit team, they’ll hear all about the latest designs, features and plans as well as getting to know us all at events and on Slack.
Making Mondo Must-have

It’s easy to see why Mondo might appeal to budget-conscious students. Many are topping up their card with their weekly budget, spending only what they have available, and keeping their bank account completely separate for student loan payments and household bills.

Our app also helps to keep Mondonauts to a budget. Real time push notifications when you spend helps make every penny spent seem that bit more tangible. In the app, instead of waiting several days for transactions to appear, we give you an account balance that’s bang up-to-date. All-in-all, a lot less room for surprises.

But there’s more to come. On our product roadmap you’ll see a number of planned improvements to the app that will be super useful for students. Things like bill splitting, integrations with loyalty programs, as well as much more control over budgets.

We have big ambitions, and with your help we can make Mondo even better. Not just for students, but for anyone who needs help with budgeting (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?).

Interested in becoming a Campus Insider?

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