CIBC releases banking app for people with special needs

Source: CIBC

CIBC (CM) (CM) has teamed up with MagnusCards, to help produce free step-by-step visual guides that help individuals with special needs bank on their own.

"Depositing a cheque or withdrawing cash from an ATM is easy for most individuals, however these tasks can be challenging for people who have unique needs and learning styles," says Nadia Hamilton , CEO of Magnusmode, a Canadian company that created the MagnusCards app to assist people with cognitive learning needs. "The content CIBC is developing for the MagnusCards app will help direct special needs users through basic financial tasks like using a Debit card to learning how to receive an Interac e-Transfer®."

The MagnusCards app breaks down financial tasks into small, manageable steps, using visual "how-tos" ― or digital flash cards ― to guide its users through a variety of activities. With the CIBC cards, individuals receive helpful tips on personal money management from Percy the Penguin after each task is completed. The cards are designed to help people with disabilities like autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Down Syndrome and cognitive special needs navigate day-to-day banking activities, and gain confidence as they complete each step.

"This new tool for the MagnusCards app will help the thousands of Canadians who need support performing some of the banking tasks many of us take for granted," says Lynne Kilpatrick , Senior Executive Vice-President, CIBC. "By partnering with the innovative tools MagnusCards has developed, we are helping individuals with special needs learn to bank independently."

"In North America , 6.3 million people have special needs. When I designed this app, it was with my brother, Troy, and this community in mind. He lives with autism and struggles with daily tasks that many people find simple," adds Ms. Hamilton. "Banking is one of those activities and helping him learn the basics empowers independent living."

CIBC recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. It works closely with Specialisterne Canada, to hire employees on the autism spectrum, helping them to reach their full potential in the workplace. The bank also proudly supports organizations like Autism Society Ontario and Autism Speaks Canada, which assist people with various visible and invisible disabilities.

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