Beauchamp Financial Technology launches API

Source: Beauchamp Financial Technology

Beauchamp Financial Technology (BFT) today extended its product suite with the launch of the new Application Programming Interface (API).

Bruce Mennell, Beauchamp CTO, commented "The API gives our clients the ability to interface with third party applications, such as valuation and risk models, as well as to develop their own applications. Because it is implemented in .Net technology, the API provides clients with a productive and commonly used development environment."

Beauchamp's API is two-way, allowing for the extraction and input of data into the Trading Data Platform (TDP), the database underlying the Beauchamp product suite. The scalability and performance of the API has been enhanced through Beauchamp's new cached database technology (CDB). This technology also enables high efficiency between applications and a remotely located TDP database.

Stuart Farr, Chief Executive, said "The launch of the API and CDB marks the culmination of over two years' development work and demonstrates our commitment to building new technology which has both immediate and long term benefits for our clients. We are increasingly seeing managers who have multiple locations and the requirement to integrate third-party or in-house developed risk applications. Also, the alternative investment community is increasingly exploiting the TDP database's capability as an enterprise data repository - the API and CDB will enhance this functionality."

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