Liquidnet launches Next Gen Algos in Apac

Source: Liquidnet

Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, announced today it will bring its Next Gen Algo suite to APAC, further enhancing how institutional traders can execute their trades amid increased volatility in the region.

“Today’s markets have become increasingly volatile and complex for the buy-side trader to navigate,” said Rob Laible, Global Head of Liquidnet’s Execution & Quantitative Services (EQS) Group. “While every algorithm in the market claims superior performance, the truth is that an algorithm is only as good as the liquidity it accesses. Our Next Gen Algo suite taps into Liquidnet’s unique pool of deep, natural liquidity, while also intelligently sourcing liquidity from both the lit and dark markets. Our ability to combine the algorithmic offering with this liquidity provides traders with the opportunity to outperform.”

The Liquidnet algorithmic suite includes its flagship liquidity-seeking algo, Liquidnet Dark, which looks for liquidity in Liquidnet and other dark venues. Also included is its portfolio trading Direct-to-Desk algo, which sends orders directly to Liquidnet’s high-touch agency trading desk for execution. Rounding out the NextGen Algo suite is a set of Benchmark solutions (IS, POV, VWAP, TWAP, and Close) that all are able to expose an order to the Liquidnet pool while simultaneously executing across the broader market.

“The introduction of the algorithmic product follows a record quarter for Liquidnet in this region in Q1,” said Lee Porter, Head of Asia Pacific at Liquidnet. “Amid an environment of falling liquidity and trade volumes, we were able to help our members find the liquidity they needed. Additionally, Liquidnet has also extended the availability of its Targeted Invitations product into Asia-Pacific1, which allows qualifying members to seek out additional block liquidity anonymously within the Liquidnet membership. This is another example of how Liquidnet seeks to provide our clients with a full suite of options to execute trades.”

The Next Gen Algo launch will complement the electronic nature of trading in the region. The firm successfully rolled out the offerings in the US in August in 2015 and in EMEA in January 2016.

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