AOC Solutions upgrades card management application

Source: AOC Solutions

AOC Solutions Inc. has made major enhancements to improve the flexibility of its industry-leading EnCompass card management and reporting application, Kevin Woods, Director of Acquisition and Program Manager for EnCompass, announced today.

The enhancements to EnCompass include:

  • A new interface designed to help users with multiple hierarchies across multiple companies. The interface makes daily maintenance and reporting easier by allowing users to log in only once instead of logging in to each company.
  • A robust rotating white card module that effectively assists both the client and the card issuer in managing potential fraud and abuse of card numbers issued to merchants. The module uses client-defined business rules to produce a card number and authorization controls tied specifically to a particular transaction and merchant.
  • A new statement generation process that notifies users and managers of statement and transaction availability. Client-defined business rules allow customization of data and message attachments sent to users and their managers.

"We are continually adding functionality to EnCompass to meet the needs of our clients," Woods said. "Our clients use EnCompass to manage their card programs easily and effectively. We put the ball in their court. Our clients tell us they love being empowered to handle their own program changes and card management at their own comfort level.

"By providing our customers with cradle-to-grave customer service, support and technology, they can grow with the system as their confidence level builds. EnCompass allows them to take on more control of their programs through self-service, administration and customization as they become more sophisticated. EnCompass does this without requiring them to migrate to other applications."

EnCompass is a web-based commercial and government credit card reporting and card management application deployed by a top-ten card issuer. It was developed in response to client requirements for new and improved technology to assist them in the management and reporting of their card programs.

EnCompass provides card issuer clients a full suite of functionality, including real-time card management, general ledger and financial accounting functions, security and access controls, permission-based rules and a broad range of other functionality designed to meet the needs of each client. Its robust reporting engine provides card issuer standard reports, client-defined company reports, user-friendly, pick-and-click, ad-hoc reporting and scheduling of reports for ease of delivery.

"We are in the business of providing cutting-edge technology and enhancements based upon client and user input," said Steve Carlson, Director of Information Technology and Development for AOC. "Our quarterly development cycles are designed to be responsive to rapidly-evolving needs, and our releases are built around user input."

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