Business Plus targets SME sector with new payment processing product

Source: Business Plus

Business Plus today announced the launch of its Payment Processing solution for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

The new affordable, easy-to-use payment processing solution is one of the first on the member-based small business operating platform designed to help SMBs compete with larger companies.

“Every dollar counts when you’re operating a business and those payment fees add up,” said Jonathan Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Business Plus. “SMBs are forced to compete with larger businesses that have greater resources and deeper pockets everyday. We wanted to change that with our member-based platform and our new payment processing solution specifically is equal to anything out on the market today without those dreaded fees you see in fine print.”

The new Business Plus payment processing solution covers every payment need for businesses. From secure credit card processing to point-of-sale solutions, Business Plus offers simple, integrated payment processing that offers free and quick setup that does not require additional tools.

The turnkey solution eliminates unnecessary payment fees associated with many payment processing services, so business owners can better manage and grow their companies. Specifically, it eliminates contracts and cancellation fees, monthly and statement fees, monthly minimum fees, and payment card industry (PCI) compliance fees. It also offers its members several benefits, including:

● Pass-Through Pricing. Allows the actual cost of processing -- interchange fees and assessments -- to be passed directly to the merchant, providing transparency and lower costs associated with common bundled or tiered pricing models. As Business Plus memberships grow, participants will receive lower fees.

● Zero Percent Interchange-Plus Markup. Using the member-based operating model, Business Plus is able to avoid the markup that is applied to interchange fees published by Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.

● Dynamic Currency Conversion. Allows automatic conversion to allow international customers the choice to pay in their own currency.

● Sub-Accounts for Separate Business Entities. For companies with multiple locations or legal entities, Business Plus provides seamless sub-accounts that integrate across the business.

Business Plus Payment Processing offers users on its platform several key features as part of the service, including:

● Credit, Debit & ACH Processing. All Business Plus members using the payment processing feature will receive access to merchant services to accept Credit, Debit, Fleet, and EBT Cards along with ACH & Check processing.

● Low Cost Domestic & International Wire Transfers. Business Plus offers wire transfers at similar low costs as those offered by banks.

● Funds Deposited In 48 Hours. Whether it’s check, credit card or ACH, all funds are deposited in accounts within 48 hours.

● Guaranteed Check Processing. More affordable than credit cards with a no chargeback guarantee.

● Online Payment Gateway/Terminal. Most common solutions charge a nominal monthly and per transaction fee, which adds up and Business Plus covers this cost.

Business Plus Payment Processing is one of the first solutions available on the Business Plus platform, a member-based small business operating solution is designed to support all aspects of running a business. By combining the buying power of members to reduce costs and offering a simple operating platform that shares data across all solutions, SMBs can conserve valuable resources that effectively help them compete.

The new Business Plus platform includes hardware and software solutions supporting Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Accounting, Payment Processing, Sales & Support, Human Resources, Marketing, Website Development. Business Plus will release its software and hardware solutions on a rolling basis throughout 2016.

Business Plus Payment Processing is available on most commonly used platforms, including mobile devices, terminals, online, e-commerce, point-of-sale systems, pay-at-the-pump locations and others.

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