Nasdaq adds analytics suite to investor relations platform

Source: Nasdaq

Nasdaq IR Insight, a comprehensive platform designed specifically for investor relations officers (IRO) and financial executives to boost strategic intelligence and support decision-making, announces another step in its evolution by releasing its new IR analytics suite, Nasdaq IR Analytics.

Nasdaq IR Analytics will leverage the latest technology and Nasdaq's expertise in big data and machine learning to enhance content from Advisory Services and deliver it from Nasdaq IR Insight. The initial release of the analytics suite will provide IROs with deeper levels of data visualization, interaction and analysis, delivered through innovative applications and interactive Advisory Services reporting.

“The addition of Nasdaq IR Analytics into our IR Insight platform exemplifies our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our investor relations clients,” said Stacie Swanstrom, Head of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. “We collaborated with our clients when building this integrated platform and continually seek their feedback to help drive our investments. This strategic shift accelerates Nasdaq IR Insight to become an increasingly critical resource that empowers our client base with actionable intelligence.”

Nasdaq IR Insight serves as the backbone for intelligent data consumption to support IROs needs to work quickly with large content sets in an intuitive way.

“The role of investor relations continues to become more sophisticated and complex with increasing demand for content and tools,” said Nick Pastoressa, Head of Product and Platform, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. “We are modelling and integrating all of the data relevant for the IRO in a way that can be completely flexible and transparent using high performance back-end technology with layered-on analytics and data visualization capabilities. This will allow our clients to better understand their own data and our unique content assets to uncover new insight and answer questions.”

Nasdaq will begin rolling out Nasdaq IR Analytics to Nasdaq IR Insight clients in August 2016 with additional modules being introduced every quarter. 

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