Kwiksy opens 'digital mall'

Source: Kwiksy

Kwiksy Inc. today announced the launch of its app Kwiksy, which serves as a ‘digital mall’ for on demand services.

 Including functions that allow users to offer and request on-demand services, send messages and make peer-to-peer payments, as well as other services, Kwiksy lowers costs and boosts security in online transactions.

Available on Google Play and the Apple App store, Kwiksy already accommodates eight different currencies and is available in 30 countries. The app seamlessly integrates a range of services including one-to-one chat, group chat; mobile wallet capabilities; on-demand services; product search and listing; peer-to-peer payments and more.

“Kwiksy is all about integrating all the essential services into one easy and convenient location,” says CEO and co-founder Chris Menya. “We help our customers make quick and easy payments both locally and internationally via the app, as well as giving them the opportunity to communicate with contacts, businesses, and many more things besides.”

For financial transactions, Kwiksy works by integrating with alternative financial service providers that are local to the countries where a user may wish to transfer money to. The app allows payments to be sent and received instantly. Users in the US, the UK, the European Union and Canada also receive a Kwiksy Mastercard that can be used in conjunction with their Kwiksy account. All users need to make peer-to-peer payments with this app is a cell phone number; bank details are not required.

The global remittance market - i.e. sending money from one country to another - is worth around $44 billion on transfer fees alone. International monetary transfers can be incredibly expensive and often take a significant chunk out of funds that are destined to go to poorer global communities. Even with the cheapest rival transferring option, Moneygram, transfer fees and currency rates can soon mount up.

“Kwiksy helps solve problems with peer-to-peer payments and allows users to interact with people in the process,” Chris continues. “Users can enjoy using the app to send and receive money, talk to family and friends and perform other tasks all from one centralized app.”

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