BankservAfrica rolls out Intix data management technology to African banks

Source: BankservAfrica

BankservAfrica, headquartered in Johannesburg and operator of Africa’s largest interoperable payments switch, will implement the INTIX Data Management technology to financial institutions’ customers located in South Africa and other African countries.

 The INTIX Message Warehouse solution will be provided by BankservAfrica as a cloudbased turnkey solution building on BankservAfrica’s connectivity hub. This will enable financial institutions connected to BankservAfrica to access all of their financial message transaction and long-term archives, including searching, reporting, monitoring and business analytics across various formats and channels.

"We are delighted to add INTIX to our portfolio so as to enable our financial institution customers to obtain increased visibility on their financial flows," said Martin Grunewald, CEO of BankservAfrica Integrated Solutions. “By integrating INTIX, BankservAfrica brings more value to the market which is extremely welcome by our clients.”

“By bringing INTIX to its clients, BankservAfrica is demonstrating its leadership in introducing advanced technologies to its clients. The INTIX technology will ease the adoption of emerging cross-border payments practices and platforms”, said Marc Braet, CEO, INTIX.

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