Tibco teams with Microsoft on cloud banking

Source: Tibco

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, analytics, and event processing, today announced a collaboration with Microsoft Corp. that enables financial services industry customers to utilise cloud agility and scale to run infinite compute calculations for risk management and regulatory compliance demands.

This will empower customers to use TIBCO’s “HPC virtual super computer,” TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer® software, on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

With the financial markets becoming increasingly electronic, clients are looking for agility to rapidly expand their compute capacities for risk, compliance, trading, and related business needs. Beyond daily calculations, emerging regulations such as the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) call for exponential capacity to analyse, compute and report to regulators. The alliance offers customers infinite capacity, virtually at the switch of a button, to expand their on-premises grids for regular risk business needs or for unforseen market events.

TIBCO has added new capabilities to GridServer® utilising its powerful scheduler to dynamically allocate resources in the cloud based on urgency of calculation tasks, allowing it to manage grid overload, SLAs, and many other factors. This flexibility allows customers to tune their compute resources to match demand, avoiding the need to add on-premises resources to meet peak demand that might otherwise be under-utilised. TIBCO has also added support for GPU, a recent addition to Microsoft Azure, accelerating some calculations by two to three orders of magnitude.

“Microsoft is a global leader in enterprise software and cloud platform solutions,” said Peter Clabby, vice president, Financial Services Industry sales, TIBCO. “Our DataSynapse GridServer solutions run mission-critical workloads for risk and related high-performance computing needs for leading banking and capital markets customers. By enabling deployment to Microsoft Azure, we’re empowering users to extend their workloads into the cloud, catering to the needs of our customers to support their businesses and quants to run infinite simulations as needed.”

TIBCO is a strategic technology partner trusted by businesses around the world due to its broad mix of innovative products and services.

“Microsoft offers the broadest geographical availability of cloud services and the largest compliance standards and certifications portfolio in the industry, enabling global banking and capital markets firms to extend capabilities into the cloud in a more agile, secure, and compliant way,” said Rupesh Khendry, head, Capital Markets Industry Solutions, Microsoft Corporation. “The relationship with TIBCO further strengthens our solutions for financial markets, so clients can seamlessly utilise the benefits of the cloud to manage risk and compliance and shorten time to market with DataSynapse Gridserver.”

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