BofA improves mortgage documentation for visually impaired customers

Source: Bank of America

Bank of America announced today that it has begun an initiative to enhance the accessibility of its online mortgage documents for visually impaired customers.

 The bank worked with Jessie Lorenz, a visually impaired customer, on the project.

Bank of America will continue to use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA as the standard for ensuring that the content, features and services of its web pages and documents for mortgage holders are accessible to all site users, including people who are blind or visually impaired.

“Bank of America has been a wonderful partner with the blind community for over two decades,” says mortgage customer Lorenz, “Getting my mortgage information in a format I can read independently is critical to my ability to manage my finances. I congratulate Bank of America on this landmark initiative and encourage all financial institutions to follow the bank’s leadership role.”

Today’s announcement continues Bank of America’s long-standing commitment to customers with visual impairments. The company was the first to work with the blind community on a website accessibility initiative and to agree to a national talking ATM installation plan. In 2010, Bank of America announced that every ATM in its fleet was upgraded to deliver private, spoken instructions through a headset plugged into an audio jack in order to provide independent accessibility to people who cannot see an ATM screen.

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