TSX unveils mobile apps

Source: TSX

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) today introduced TSX investinit and TSX discovery, two new mobile apps designed to make it easier for investors to explore the diverse range of investment opportunities available on TSX and TSXV, Canada's leading stock exchanges.

TSX investinit

TSX investinit is a new mobile app and website that tracks and aggregates publicly available TSX- and TSXV-listed company financing transactions. The app was created to increase public awareness of current financings available on the Exchanges by providing an additional, cost-free presentation of this information beyond public company filings. Investors can navigate TSX investinit by accessing menu options including Private Placements, Public Offerings, Flow-Through Financings, and Debt Financings.

TSX discovery

TSX discovery is a new research tool that is intended to help investors identify listed companies via multiple parameters, including sector and sub-sector, commodity type, location, and region of activity. The app provides investors with an intuitive way to navigate the expansive world of TSX and TSXV listed companies, across all industry sectors and stages of growth, and to access customizable social media feeds to stay apprised of sector or listed company news and developments.

TSX investinit is now available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and TSX discovery is now available via the Apple App Store. Visit www.tsxinvestinit.com andwww.tsxdiscovery.com to access the desktop versions of the apps.*

* Refer to the terms and conditions on the websites. 

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