Payments platform Zooz forms partnership with Nodus Technologies

Source: Zooz

Payment technology provider Zooz announced today that Nodus Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to incorporate their integrated eCommerce, EBPP, CRM & ERP payment solutions into the Zooz platform.

This integration will bolster the Nodus solution by adding global payment acceptance and alternative payment types in various countries.

“We love what Nodus has done in the U.S. market and look forward to working with them to expand their international presence and customer base.” said Chester Ritchie, EVP, Zooz.

Donte Kim, CEO of Nodus, commented, “In the ever growing world of B2B commerce, many of our customers now require international payment processing, and connecting to the Zooz platform gives our solution access to over 40 international acquirers and banks around the globe. Alternative payment types and Smart Routing with Zooz and Nodus’ PayFabric will ensure our customers receive the best rates and highest acceptance.”

In today’s age of global commerce, relying on a single payments provider can lead to steep international credit card fees and inflated decline rates. However, integrating with multiple solutions has always been difficult, expensive and time-consuming. The Zooz platform overcomes these obstacles by connecting merchants to multiple financial and technological entities and payment methods, and Smart Routing™ each payment to the most appropriate provider for that transaction.  

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