Reval corporate cloud hooks up with Swift

Source: Reval

With a new agreement between SWIFT and Reval, corporate treasury teams using the Reval Cloud Platform for automated cash and liquidity management can now join the SWIFT messaging network to connect their bank accounts anywhere in the world.

The alliance adds to the bank connectivity options Reval offers its clients.

“The combined offering of Reval and SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2 not only follows the global movement toward cloud-based solutions for treasury management systems, it also offers an easy, streamlined approach to global banking,” says Ed Adams, Head of Corporates - Americas & UK at SWIFT. “By capturing client requirements and providing training for mutual clients, we are making it easier for companies to join the SWIFT community, while leveraging the best-in-class treasury technology of Reval.”

“Our collaboration with SWIFT makes day-to-day operations much easier for companies that want a seamless treasury management experience,” says James Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Reval. “With the formal alliance between SWIFT and Reval, companies will have a mutually supported source of service for their bank connectivity needs.” Reval’s agreement with SWIFT rounds out its growing network of bank connectivity partners, bringing Reval clients more options for bank connections globally.

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