Bud opens financial product app store

Source: Bud

Bud is the worlds first open banking platform for consumers and it is launching its ALPHA on July 1st 2016.

Part fintech app store, part financial marketplace, part search engine, Bud is the gateway to a more personal, flexible and unified internet banking experience.

Users can browse fintech companies online or in app, find the products that suit their needs and use them in-line on one screen. No new card, no new bank, no signup fee, just one place where anyone, regardless of technical ability, can tap into the new financial ecosystem and feel the benefit. ‘Find Use Win’ those are the three words which some up the ease of Bud.

As well as being a consumer platform Bud is a new channel for financial product owners to get their services in front of new customers. Most of Bud’s partners integrate fully with their API, giving users seamless access to great services. Others without APIs feature on Bud’s platform as a link directly to their service.

Bud is already working with some of the biggest names in the fintech space and many of the leading UK banks.

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