Bloomberg acts on corporate access events data

Source: Bloomberg

Today, Bloomberg and WeConvene announced plans to centralize corporate access events on the Bloomberg Professional service.

By partnering with WeConvene, a provider of web-based tools that streamline the corporate access process for the global investment community, Bloomberg will distribute events on a permissioned basis to its network of investment professionals.

Brokers and research firms will be able to share events directly with their buy-side clients. Portfolio managers and buy-side analysts will be able to see all of their corporate access events in aggregate. In addition, enhanced functionality to accept invitations in real-time and track events attended is being developed and implemented.

Today, brokers and buy-side professionals use disparate systems to find corporate management and analyst marketing events, book meetings and track them. By partnering with WeConvene, Bloomberg can ensure its users greater discovery of corporate access events by matching the invitation with private interest lists, monitors, and portfolios.

"We continue to invest in our events products to improve efficiency and collaboration between institutional investors and the sell-side," said Don Carey, Global Head of Research, Sales and Trading at Bloomberg. "The partnership with WeConvene builds on that investment to streamline the corporate access workflow and eliminate the time-consuming, fragmented and error-prone process of exchanging multiple emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets."

"Bloomberg is an ideal partner for us because of their global subscriber-base and commitment to improving the buy-side workflow," said Radek Barnert, Chief Executive Officer of WeConvene. "Working with Bloomberg, we can simplify the inefficient process of distributing, booking and tracking interactions associated with the coordination and management of corporate access events for thousands of investment professionals."

These new capabilities will be available to the more than 1,500 brokers and independent research firms who distribute research, estimates and corporate access events through the Bloomberg Professional service. Bloomberg will continue to partner with them as well as with other technology providers who are addressing the corporate access needs of users and bringing transparency and efficiency to the market.

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