CA Technologies payment security chosen by Nationwide

Source: CA Technologies

CA Technologies (CA) today announced that Nationwide, a member-owned UK financial institution, has implemented its payment security suite to strike the right balance between eCommerce security and cardholder convenience.

Nationwide relies on CA’s payment security offerings to help implement a new multi-layered security approach to accurately verify cardholders in real-time, build trust and extend brand loyalty. The solution also helps Nationwide to reduce the cost of credit and debit card operations.

“CA Technologies plays a vital role in helping Nationwide deliver a frictionless eCommerce experience,” says Matthew Sparkes, Commercial Manager, Nationwide. “By adding advanced analytics to the next generation of our digital verification process, 3-D Secure, Nationwide has the flexibility and control to make even the most complex transactions seamless and secure. CA’s payment security solutions help us identify fraud more effectively, while improving the customer experience and delivering the insight we need to understand customers better and to drive business growth.”

CA Transaction Manager allows Nationwide to offer cardholders a flexible and dynamic strong authentication process by implementing the industry standard 3-D Secure protocol with the Verified by Visa program.

CA Risk Analytics increases insight and enables Nationwide to continue to transparently assess the fraud risk of an online transaction in real-time during authentication. It examines current and past transactions, device characteristics, location, user behavior and historical fraud data to evaluate risk. The calculated risk score is then used to decide whether to allow the purchase, request strong authentication, send an alert or deny the purchase. By easily identifying legitimate transactions, the majority of cardholders are able to continue their purchase without impact—enhancing the service experience. Operational costs are also reduced with fewer inquiries coming into Nationwide call centers.

Early planning and collaboration between CA Technologies and Nationwide during negotiation, coupled with the software’s easy-to-use, cloud-based integration, paved the way to a fast, two-week roll-out once the contract was signed. Nationwide’s existing Payment Card Industry (PCI) and 3-D Secure certifications also helped accelerate the roll-out.

“CA Technologies is proud to assist Nationwide in its strategy to give millions of cardholders a better online transaction experience,” said Terrence Clark, senior vice president, CA Technologies. “Our Payment Security solutions help reduce ‘card-not-present’ fraud while ensuring a frictionless, hassle-free online shopping experience for customers. We look forward to developing the partnership and giving Nationwide new opportunities to maximize the significant benefits of the application economy.”

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