ATMIA translates Windows 10 roadmap into Spanish

Source: ATMIA

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today announced that a recent industry discussion paper, “Windows 10 Roadmap”, has been translated into Spanish.

Migration from Windows® XP is progressing quite slowly in the Latin America region, with less than half of all ATMs now running newer versions of the operating system. The new paper lays out a roadmap for migration to Windows 10 to help ATM operators plan these complex projects.

The ATMIA 2020 Committee has been very active in other related efforts - helping the industry better plan for the end of support for Windows 7 in 2020. It released a Best Practices manual, “Risks of Maintaining Windows XP Platform for ATMs: International minimum security guidelines and best practices”, in 2014. A sophisticated modeling tool, “ATMIA’s ATM OS Migration Cost Impact Model”, was developed to help operators estimate the costs involved in current or future O/S migration projects. And most recently, ATMIA released a Position Paper recommending migration directly to Windows 10, skipping versions 8 and 8.1.
“It’s critical for ATM owners and operators to develop their migration strategy to their chosen new operating system as soon as possible, to minimize risks that are associated with older, unsupported operating systems,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and chairman of the association’s international 2020 Committee.

ATMIA Latin America members may download the Spanish version of the Roadmap directly from the Market Intelligence Library. However, it is necessary to be logged in to your ATMIA account. Non-members interested in access to this document and other resources should contact ATMIA Latin America Executive Director, David Tente, about ATMIA membership.

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