Money2020: Diebold showcases mobile ATM and new security tech

Source: Diebold

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) is showcasing one of its newest mobile-driven banking concepts, along with an industry-leading security application from Cryptera, at Money 20/20 Europe.

Diebold’s mobile-driven ATM concept and Cryptera’s CryptoTouchTM solution will be featured at Money20/20 Europe (hall C3, booth #F18), April 4-7, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Following the show, the concept will be on display at the Diebold Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Center of Innovation in Belgium.

To deliver on consumers expectations for mobile-enabled services, Diebold's mobile-driven ATM concept dispenses and recycles cash with no screen, card reader or PIN-pad required-- using the consumers’ mobile device as the primary interface. With an estimated five trillion dollars in currency circulating the globe, the concept was designed to challenge present-day self-service experiences to provide faster, more convenient consumer access to cash. Driven by a mobile-enabled design philosophy, the concept features:
• Bring your own device (BYOD) access: The card reader, PIN-pad and physical screen are completely eliminated. Instead, transactions are scheduled by using the bank’s mobile app on the consumer's smartphone.
• Consumer-recognition technology: Consumers are delivered instant access to cash through contactless, mobile-banking methods such as quick response (QR) codes, near field communication (NFC) and iris-scan biometric technology.
• Increased speed and security: By quickly authenticating transactions directly from the consumer’s smartphone, security is increased and card fraud is mitigated. Cash withdrawals can be completed in less than ten seconds.
• Small footprint: Compared to other standard through-the-wall automated teller machines (ATMs) in the market, this terminal's depth is reduced by as much as 32%, and on the consumer-facing side, it is up to 37% narrower.

Also featured in Diebold’s booth is Cryptera’s CryptoTouchTM application, which encrypts PIN entries made on touchscreen interfaces. Acquired by Diebold in 2014, Cryptera is a world-leading provider of secure payment solutions -- particularly in the field of encrypting PIN-pad (EPP) technology. As more devices are moving to touchscreen, the payment card industry (PCI)-compliant solution delivers more secure consumer interactions on ATMs, point of sale (POS) devices and unattended payment terminals by moving traditional PIN entry from a mechanical keypad to a touchscreen.

“Diebold continues to shape the future of the mobile banking landscape by bridging the physical and digital worlds of cash in unprecedented ways,” said Bassem Bouzid, senior vice president and managing director, EMEA. “Further expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Africa remains a top priority for us. We are focused on bringing the industry’s most innovative self-service offerings to the market that truly enable our customers to transform the banking experience for consumers.”

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