Almost 3 in 4 people think a local bank is most desirable community facility

Source: TSB

New research from TSB looked at what organisations, institutions, or amenities Brits wanted in their ideal community and found that almost three quarters (74%) of people think a Post Office is the most desirable facility in their town, closely followed by a local bank (73%).

It seems that a place to pay bills, send mail and sort out household errands is more important than other retail outlets with just over half of people valuing a local restaurant (57%), butcher (56%) and greengrocer (58%). Interestingly these more traditional, specialist shops (including a baker (60%)) were more desirable than a general corner shop or fast food takeaway (both 45%).

Briton’s checklist for the ideal community – Top 10

  1. Post Office – 74%
  2. Bank – 73%
  3. Baker – 60% 
    = Cafe – 60%
  4. Greengrocer – 58%
  5. Local Restaurant – 57%
  6. Butcher – 56%
  7. Doctor’s Surgery – 53%
  8. Hairdresser – 49%
  9. Pub – 47%
  10. Corner Shop – 45%

When deciding where to live, affordable house prices topped the list as the most important priority for almost half (45%) of people, followed by a third of people that value safety and low levels of crime (34%), good transport links (33%) and being close to work (32%).

When asked about friendships in their local community, one-in-six (16%) of people aged 24 and under said they didn’t have any friends in their local community, whilst one-in-12 (8%) people aged over 55 said they had more than 21 friends in their local area. Despite this, over half (52%) of Brits said that having a strong ‘sense of community’ was important to them.

Ian Ramsden, Director of Mortgages at TSB, said: “Each of us has our own ‘checklist’ of things that we want from our ideal community; whether it’s a facility, group, area, business or institution. The right combination of these things can help make us feel truly at home - as though we really belong somewhere.

“Today’s report, the second in our #HOME series, throws light on some interesting findings and uncovers what we see as the people and places that are the ‘beating heart’ of our community.”

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