Taulia expands supply chain ecosystem

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At Taulia Connect, Taulia’s annual conference bringing together hundreds of financial supply chain experts and thought leaders, the company announced product innovations and strategic partnerships that deliver on its vision of a fully connected financial supply chain.

The conference theme - “the future is now” - was expanded on by CEO Cedric Bru, who described Taulia as the leading financial supply chain company that operates as a global business network.

“Throughout the world, technology enables people to connect with others at scale. On the personal level, there’s Facebook, on the professional level, you have LinkedIn. Now, at the business level, you have Taulia,” said Bru. “We are the leading financial supply chain company functioning as a business network, finally connecting the world’s businesses so they can become more efficient, effective and profitable - boosting the global economy.”

Global Ecosystem Expands With New Program and Key Partnerships

At Taulia Connect, the company launched a global Partner Community. The new program provides a hub of world-class enablement and collaboration tools to support and excite partners whose complementary products and services help transform financial supply chains.

In addition, multiple new strategic partnerships were announced:
• Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, and next-generation outsourcing services, and Taulia will work together to provide supply chain finance and eInvoicing solutions for the global customers of Infosys.
• The partnership between Taulia and BuyerQuest, the next generation eProcurement provider, will create a beautiful and intuitive end-to-end platform to manage their entire Procure-to-Pay process.
• Because Taulia teamed with Lavante, the leading provider of cloud-based supplier management, Taulia’s customers will be able to fill the gaps in their contact database, mitigate supplier risk, and improve compliance across the entire supply chain.
• Taulia also announced partners that will accelerate its global expansion in key markets: Hanse Orga, a leading German software and consulting firm specializing in bringing SAP-integrated software solutions to more than 500 customers worldwide; Invarture, a French software distribution company whose client base includes 20 of France’s top 30 companies; and Intellection, a market-leading provider of workflow and automation software in South Africa.
“At BuyerQuest, we are continually seeking new ways to enhance our customer experience and expand the ROI of BuyerQuest. With Taulia’s best-of-breed suite of financial supply chain products, we can now offer a world-class comprehensive procure-to-pay solution that is transforming the industry. We’re thrilled to partner with Taulia to help organizations take their financial supply chain to the next level,” said Jack Mulloy, chief executive officer of BuyerQuest.

Taulia Develops First HIPAA-Compliant Supply Chain Finance Solution

Taulia announced that it has created the market’s first HIPAA-compliant supply chain finance solution, which will launch this summer. The product complies with all HIPAA data security requirements by ensuring database encryption of all PHI (protected health information) submitted to and accessed on the Taulia platform. In addition, access to sensitive information is limited to permitted users and systems within Taulia applications.

“The digitization of the healthcare industry presents real challenges when it comes to the security of data that needs to be protected - in-house solutions are prohibitively expensive for a vast majority of companies, so they run the risk of being non-compliant,” said Markus Ament, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Taulia. “By creating the world’s first HIPAA-compliant supply chain finance solution, Taulia will help healthcare providers, insurance companies or any supplier whose invoices include protected health information to be compliant, at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house solution.”

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