Champion Bank picks IBT for streamlined operations

Source: Champion Bank of Parker

Champion Bank of Parker, Colorado bolstered their installation of IBT’s core platform by deploying i2Suite, a cloud solution which enables the bank to streamline processes and expand their reach.

Champion Bank is a small community bank whose staff lives in the community they serve. As such, relationships are paramount. Executive Vice President Valerie Holden appreciates a time-honored relationship with the IBT team. “The majority of the staff has been in place for years, so I’ve been able to cultivate relationships with folks in various departments, and I know just who to call in a time of need.”

IBT’s priority is client relationships. CEO Mark Dittman and President Mike Golebiowski make a personal effort to visit every customer. “Client visits make a big difference in fostering and growing relationships. IBT truly exhibits a hands-on approach to providing core services,” added Ms. Holden.

According to Chief Financial Officer Randy Blake, “IBT’s commitment to Champion Bank was clear, so we in turn committed to IBT. Their expertise is instrumental in our continual efforts to advance the bank and offer desirable products and services to our customers. We found the migration to IBT’s i2suite impressive as it stayed on schedule and avoided issues. We are extremely happy with the results, especially the customizable reports which enable faster and better financial analysis.”

“At IBT, we are committed to our client’s success. Our goal is to ensure clients receive continued education on solutions and enhancements they have instituted without additional cost. We have always viewed our clients as partners, but it is in our actions that we demonstrate this,” said CEO, Mark Dittman.

“Response times are incredible with IBT! Whether working with the training team, customer support, development or IT, our concerns are always addressed in a timely manner,” according to Jason Naugle, chief operating officer for Champion Bank.

“As a privately held company, direction comes from our users, which plays to our clients’ advantage. As we partner with community banks, we share industry expertise, anticipate changes in the industry, and help them remain competitive,” added Mr. Dittman.

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