Quantitative Brokers launches best execution algos for VIX futures

Source: Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers (“QB”), a leading provider of clearer and dealer-neutral agency algorithms for fixed income and futures markets, has launched its best execution algorithmic offering on CBOE Futures Exchange (“CFE”).

As an agency broker, QB will work closely with its buy and sell-side clients to deliver QB’s market leading algorithmic expertise to CFE’s Volatility Index (VIX) futures.

VIX futures contracts are based on equity index options traded through CBOE and are an essential tool for trading the term structure of volatility. Because of VIX's roots in the options world, the calendar spreads in particular present challenges for electronic execution. To date this non-standard structure has led to limited traction for algorithmic offerings on VIX futures.

QB now brings its best execution algorithms to this market. QB’s multi-market data feeds already include the real-time options pricing that underpins the VIX future and through their algorithmic offering can provide clients with algos that not only observe the VIX future but also the underlying options. Such innovation along with QB’s existing execution expertise sees a significant game change for execution performance in this market.

“From a client perspective we have heard repeatedly of the inherent slippage incurred when trading either VIX outrights or spreads, so we’re excited to bring QB’s expertise to this market,” said Christian Hauff, CEO and co-founder of Quantitative Brokers.

QB is registered with both the CFTC and SEC as an independent introducing broker and a government securities broker. As a regulated market participant engaging in algorithmic strategies, QB maintains stringent supervision and control practices as required by regulators.

Futures trading involves significant risk, may result in unlimited losses and is not suitable for all investors. 

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