Berner Kantonalbank secures mobile banking with Kobil security technologies

Source: Berner Kantonalbank

From now on, the Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) is offering its e-banking customers Kobil’s mIDentity Protection Platform, a software-based and mobile multifactor authentication for logging in to mobile banking.

The platform is made available as a service through the HP Enterprise Service Banking Centre in Bern.
BEKB is continuing its partnership with KOBIL with the implementation of mIDentity Protection. With the mIDentity Stick, their customers are already using USB-based security technology by the platform supplier from Worms. In future, customers can log on to BEKB mobile banking by means of a smart phone app. Soon it will also be possible to sign off transactions via the app. The app has the same level of security as the USB stick and corresponds to the regulations of the European Banking Authority (EBA) for multifactor authentication, without having to use an additional hardware.

The mIDentity Protection product line includes a range of services. It consists of the multifactor authentication Trusted Login and the transaction signature Trusted Message Sign. While Trusted Login serves the purpose of identifying and logging in authorised subscribers to a service or network by means of multifactor authentication, Trusted Message Sign allows transactions and other confidential communications to be signed off from mobile devices. Apart from multifactor authentication, an important role is played by specially developed apps, device linking and encrypted communication channels, as well as security servers in the background. The back-end Smart Security Messaging Server (SSMS) ensures the definitive identification of the user, by checking whether it is the right app, the corresponding mobile end device activated for it and the correct user identity.

Another reason why Özgür Koyun, General Manager Switzerland at KOBIL, has a very positive view of the implementation of the mIDentity Protection Platform for digital banking at BEKB is that further digital banking services can be realised on the basis of mIDentity. These could include binding call centre processes, customer communications or real-time customer interaction. Customers could sign contracts online. Together with other partners of the bank, entire digital ecosystems could also be built up, for which the customer only has to log in securely once. Such services would not only extend the digital service portfolio of the bank, but also significantly reinforce connectivity between the bank and the customer. “We look forward to a potential widening of the partnership with BEKG and see great potential for the future”, Özgür Koyun summarises.

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