NFT launches fintech fund in Finland

Source: NFT

NFT Ventures and Finnish media company MTV start a collaboration that aims at promoting activities of technology start-ups in the banking sector.

The NFT fund starts to look for investments within the Fin-Tech scene in Finland. The fund offers nation-wide media visibility for technology start-ups in exchange for shares

The purpose of the NFT fund is to invest in companies which are at the leading edge of the transformation process of banking. This means that the fund will invest in companies that complement and create innovative solutions to the banking market.

”We see that banking will undergo the same transformation process as many other industries, such as Mobile communication, Media and Airlines, have done. With the fund we want to be at the forefront of that transformation and help technology start-ups to accelerate it.” says Johan Lundberg CEO, NFT Ventures.

The goal is to take a leading role in this transformation process in Europe. NFT Ventures has already taken a strong position in Sweden and aims to conduct approximately 10-12 investments during the upcoming 18 months. The goal, now, is to apply a similar strategy in Finland, in collaboration with MTV.

“MTV wants to do its share in supporting the Finnish economy and to boost growth of Fin-Tech companies in the banking sector. This cooperation benefits everyone, from the entrepreneur that is provided with a wide array of marketing tools to the fund and its investors. We have high hopes for this collaboration as a similar way of operating has already been tested with great success in form of our Media 4 Equity Fund, that we launched in July 2015.,” says MTV’s CEO Jarkko Nordlund.

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