ITRS selected by eBroker Systems as Asian market expands

Source: ITRS

Today, ITRS, a global real-time monitoring and analytics provider, has announced plans to integrate its market-leading Geneos technology with eBroker Systems’ trade and risk management platform to provide a series of crucial performance metrics.

Established in Hong Kong in 2000, eBroker Systems are a major player in the Greater China region and boast a vast buy-side and sell-side client base, all of which require reliable electronic order communications to execute orders.

With the partnership established, eBroker’s clients will have visibility across the following areas:

• Latest order execution status per dealer
• Total number of online / offline users
• Process status and resource utilization
• Web server status and exceptions
• TCP connections and their send and receive rates
• Server health and performance
Users will also be able to filter this data based on rules and thresholds. Automated action, as well as notifications, can then be configured in response to these parameters in order to avoid a number of common problems.

The agreement will see Geneos monitor both eBroker’s deployed and hosted trading platform. This offers ITRS the opportunity to expand its presence in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, a prospect which excites Mark Loader, ITRS’ Asia-Pacific Managing Director.

He commented that “the partnership brings ITRS into a new customer segment, the 2-tier brokerages and securities firms in the Greater China region. It’s a great opportunity for both companies as Geneos will bring clarity on the health of the application’s status, in real-time, to eBroker’s customers. At the same time, eBroker’s support desk will have an enhanced workflow, which will significantly shorten troubleshooting times.”

The move will ultimately strengthen the market proposition for both companies, a sentiment which is reflected by Catar Liu, Director, eBroker Systems: “our trading platform is a critical tool for many financial institutions so we are thrilled to add Geneos’ real-time monitoring to our offering. It will promote constant uptime and give our clients the ability to act immediately on any issues.”

ITRS are currently developing the integration. It will be production-ready by March, 2016.


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