CR2 launches new brand identity

Source: CR2

In the last few years the banking industry has been undergoing rapid and constant change, change which shows no signs of slowing in the near future.

New and adapting business models, channel innovation and transformation, digital disruption, financial inclusion and market disruption from non-banking players have inherently changed the way in which the industry operates, understandably having a major impact on your banking customers.

The self-service channels have evolved beyond being important, to being crucial for the continuity and success of any financial institution. Innovation and agility are now vital components to success as they permeate and impact each and every interaction you have with your customers. Sharing information and ensuring your wider strategy is at the heart of everything you do is now more important than ever. At CR2, we understand that demands have changed over the past twenty years and we understand the need to innovate with you.

We understand all of this and our new logo symbolises this fact.

  • The green colouring in our logo is universally acknowledged as representing reliability, growth, trust and continuity, all of which are qualities which we at CR2 will work to embody as we move forward.
  • The dots in the logo converging into an integrated line represents our focus to both seamlessly combining individual channels into an integrated omnichannel solution, and also that we as an organisation will work alongside you, supporting your business as if it was our own, ensuring the continuity of your business and become agile.

The new logo and colours are not only symbolic, they hold a very real meaning. This meaning is represented in CR2's commitment to innovate through our software and, just as importantly, through our way of working with you. We will consistently work as a true business partner, holding firm to our central mission of supporting your organisation in building successful distribution channels. At CR2, we understand that our business is about your business and at CR2, we believe in creating results together.

CR2 CEO Franky Van Damme

"The entire team here at CR2 along with myself are proud to unveil our new logo and corporate identity. We feel strongly that this new look represents who we are, what we believe in, and how we wish to do business here at CR2. By choosing green as our new corporate colour we are making a statement that we stand for growth, stability and continuity. Our customer's growth, the growth and expansion of financial services in fast growing markets, and CR2's own growth as we continue to work with our core values in mind. We look forward to continuing to work together with our clients to achieve more in the true spirit of collaboration and innovation.”

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