Quorum FCU implements workflow tool from Jack Henry

Source: Jack Henry

Jack Henry & Associates' Symitar division announced today that Quorum Federal Credit Union (Quorum) has seen significant time savings and operational improvements since implementing jhaEnterprise WorkflowTM, a fully automated workflow solution that streamlines and standardizes business processes for financial institutions.

Quorum, a full-service financial institution serving over 75,000 members across all 50 states, has updated nearly 30 business processes to become more efficient. Kevin Dono, senior director of business services for Quorum, recently stated, “The application of jhaEnterprise Workflow throughout our organization has grown organically. We chose to start with non-business critical processes and have expanded into more dynamic ways to use the technology. For example, we have the solution set up to automatically activate a workflow when a member requests a wire online; this handles all validations, red flag checks, and amount approvals, eventually triggering the wire to take place. Consolidating these business processes is rather simple with jhaEnterprise Workflow. As a result, we have been able to implement many new workflows that significantly streamline what were once manual, data-redundant tasks.”

jhaEnterprise Workflow can simplify most business processes, from generic internal workflows that only involve passing information between relevant individuals, to more complex processes that require connections with other systems. It automatically routes assignments based on established credentials, permission levels, and staff availability while enforcing established approval processes. With regulatory requirements constantly changing, having an automated workflow can increase response time and support immediate updates to impacted business processes. All documents and forms are centralized and time stamped with an automatic record that includes who in the credit union accessed a particular document and when.

Dono continued, “Our member services team can now focus on a single task queue rather than visiting three different systems to execute their work. jhaEnterprise Workflow has proven its relevancy across our enterprise to refine established processes, better transfer vital information, and unite disparate systems.”

According to Ted Bilke, president of Symitar, "Quorum began automating processes using jhaEnterprise Workflow prior to converting to Symitar’s Episys core platform in May 2015, which is a testament to the flexibility and value of this solution. The credit union has been able to unite its front and back office, enhance communications, expedite approvals, increase awareness of high-relevance items, and make business decisions faster and with greater ease. With nearly 30 improved processes complete to date, Quorum continues to find ways to further improve service and efficiency while minimizing operational risk and expense.”

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